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Autumn Days

It is feeling a lot like fall lately. I think we might have had our last 80° day too. I love foggy, dark, cool fall days. Those are the days I have no problem cutting back on work and relaxing with a cup of coffee and reading my book or watching a good movie.

When I was creating "The Corner Bookshop" piece, I kept thinking about the times I would visit my sister in New York City. One of my favorite times to go to New York is during the fall. Central park is so beautiful when the leaves turn and the sky is dark and overcast. I also love walking around and looking at all the shop displays. "The Corner Bookshop" takes me back to a place when life was calmer, Covid wasn't a thing (yet), and I would grab a cup of coffee and browse around shops for hours. I hope those days come back soon.

Print available here.

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