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"The author's portrayal of Jade's character development is masterful, making her relatable and endearing as she navigates the challenges of a new school and the complexities of teenage life. The addition of a cursed locket and a ghost named William adds an intriguing supernatural element that kept me on the edge of my seat, eager to uncover every mystery. The writing style is beautifully immersive, transporting readers back to the '80s and making them feel like they are right alongside Jade and her band of misfit friends every step of the way. I was deeply moved by the emotions and relationships woven throughout the narrative, especially when Jade experiences the joys and heartaches of first love, which I know many of us have felt. With a perfect balance of suspense, romance, and coming-of-age themes, Grove Hollow-Metamorphosis is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a gripping and enchanting tale."
- Meagan
"Grove Hollow Metamorphosis is the first book in Shelby McFadden's debut series and let me tell you this book is one hell of a way to start off your writing career. This book was an outstanding debut, it was ghostly and dark and everything I could ask for in a paranormal romance. Based in 1985, this book was full of 80s nostalgia and pop culture references, being a lover of 80s music I couldn't get enough. The storyline was brilliant, I loved the split between high school drama and the relatable experience of first love to the paranormal adventure of solving the mysterious case of the beetle locket. Jade our MC is a brilliant quirky girl who's life gets turned upside down after her grandfather passes away. I am not going to mention the love interests because I am not going to spoil the fun for you lovely people, so you'll have to just trust my word that the love triangle is so good!"
- Aaliyah
"This was hands down, my all time favorite read this year. I loved it completely. I’ve been so ecstatic for this one! I couldn’t stop reading this! There were so many times I caught myself smiling and laughing like I was a teenager again wanting to go back to my high school days. I don’t think any book will top it for me this year. Absolutely beautiful, I was pulled in from the first page! Jade is the first FMC I’ve read that I resonated completely with, I felt more immersed for that. She was great, real, and for once I find a female main character who didn’t drive me nuts, I really like her! I adore how it takes place in the 80s. It was all done so well, I’m throughly impressed! Vivid, memorable characters. There wasn’t any character that was boring or didn’t serve a purpose. The dialogue was fun between the characters! I can’t gush enough how well everything was written, you can tell there was so much heart and soul that went into this story. And WILL! Oh my gosh. So beautifully archaic and passionately poetic. He took over everything as soon as he hit the scene, what a dream. He spoke with so much passion and raw emotion—I am MELTING."
- Carmella
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