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A Creative Entrepreneur

Using her degree in graphic design and advertising, Shelby started her Etsy business, Fugly Barbie, at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. She wanted to create products that stemmed from her interests that she knew others would enjoy. What began as one mug design grew into a thriving online Etsy business with over 16,000 sales in two years along with an ever-growing audience! 

Aside from working on her Etsy shop and being a full-time stay-at-home mom of two, Shelby spends her time painting quaint countryside landscapes and working on her three-part book series, Grove Hollow.

The idea of the story came to her on a walk with her older sister nearly ten years ago after a conversation about their childhood home being haunted. Since then, the young adult gothic romance story brewed in her head and she knew one day she needed to write this series. Finally, in April of 2022, she sat down and wrote the first draft of book one, and gained a following of anticipated readers along the way. She received exciting and encouraging feedback after sharing it with close professional friends whom she could trust as beta readers, and is eager to share her story with the world. She hopes in early 2023 to work with a literary agent to begin her traditional publishing journey.  

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