I am a business owner, graphic designer, illustrator and artist. While balancing being a wife and mother of two, I manage several self-started businesses, mentor artists and designers, and illustrate in the little free time I have. I consider myself a creative and imaginative person, with a passion for creating and bringing joy to others. In 2016, I made a life-changing decision in quitting working a nine-to-five job and focus my energy on creating a design business and diving back into my artwork. I have been blessed with an array of design projects, one, in particular, was designing a whole restaurant interior from concept to finish. After my son was born in 2019, I gave up client service work and I now focus on building up my personal projects and artwork.

My artwork is inspired by my long list of interests: antiques, classic Hollywood, travel, fairytales, adventure and magic, animals, gardening, and Halloween. Oftentimes, you will see a reference to my interests in my artwork. I hope you enjoy my illustrations!